Sarah Paulson reaction to Ocean’s eight?


The ocean has felt such depressed for the sexual prescription of the current franchise, but one of the holders responds to hatred. Sarah Paulson replied, but she does not care much because she does not care what she says about the hatred of this movie. Lastly, it was clear that eight conspiracy plans on the ocean and no one really knows whether this movie is a financial success or not. According to Paulson.
Paul Feig is a very parallel between the reboot and the eight seas. Both the films increased discrimination, which burned the entire man to become a woman. Consequently, both of the films failed. It is not clear that the box office has been left, but ..
Sarah Paulson does not eat any questions on this topic. He criticized the creation of a movie and nothing really looks at him.
To record, Ocean played box office well. He added a budget of $ 300 million to the budget. Former Francis, the late interior in Ocean was about $ 15 million, so the movie was facing the film because he did not really listen to him. Save Rebecca Ghost beds a little less. The movie only brought $ 230 million and was a huge budget due to the digital effects of post-production.
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According to Basel, eight stars on the sea have a text channel where they regularly talk, which certainly confirms that the stars were near the stars each other. Sarah Paulson, personal relations relationships are more important than box office receipts. Why should the world end the stage?
Sarah Paulson is engaged in dealing with such things. In this story, in the stories of American films and American crime stories, the actor filmed movies such as the next national chip box and Night Chanel Cup. He is ready to get eight results in the ocean. If so, he can walk with his friends again.


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