Targaryen family tree :Background of Mad king, Aerys, Jon Snow and alot more!


If you are looking for a confused story, the whole background is correct. But be careful! Targaryen family tree Season 7 spoilers are coming.
AerysTargaryenis “Mad King”, which ended the throne by Robert Barter on the throne of “Game Big Three Years” 17 years ago. After the last three centuries, the last time was sitting on Iron Tire. Her strength was confirmed for the first time, but the legally worried King was tough. During his rule, he became the most deadly and amazing, using wild fire to avoid his enemies – because there was no dragon in the west.
Although the crazy King’s trouble is now a story, so Robert Baron led the rebellion against him. The truth is that the rebellion began because Erri and his legacy were kidnapped by Prince Roger to abduct “Star” and “Barat” killers. Then he joined other homes and got a decisive victory in Myanmar Trision. The decisive moment of the war saw Taiwan liner with his hand, joined the rebellion against them. When James Lincoln swear to his “Captain”, Arafan, when King King swore and made himself to defend as king’s patronage.
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From the death of Mehbob Shah, the families of the lubricants, the Muslim Brotherhood, angry families have got little stability in their children.
The fans want to know that the family has interfered to keep their blood clean and strengthened their strength. She was the mother of Dina, his father’s sister was the trinity of Trinity, whereas her husband’s brother had already said that she is foolish at the ranger. Unfortunately, Introb also added madness among the fighters. Kyle Langer also said half of the transgenic was crazy.
Robert Baron promised to destroy iron thirst, resulting in a lot of anger and destruction of the house, while many children were not left.
Kierore hit the King Arian after losing James Lincoln. His wife killed Raheel. Roger Shorts, who kidnapped the “Lana Star” and started the war, in which Robert fought the war, he was the heir of the crazy King. His wife Elia Marcel and her children were killed by Rohan and Mount Egon, Gregory Kagan. The tunisian game was seen on the Durrani and Persian screen. She is a crazy king, and the brother of the marriage vendor.
The Trigger Maister Secretary Knight Knight Night became a Nightmare and did not participate in the Internal War when he was in war. Before the wall in the wall, the rivers were anchor and big uncle. After the death of Barbie, Tunisia is the last living life.
He is really the king of the north, but his real heritage is gone, which can end the snow with the ice remaining. Ned Stark told everyone that John was his incredible son, but he indicates that he was trying to protect his nephew because Robert Baron promised to remove the tire family. John is actually the son of Stark and Roger Gregory, bringing the grandparents of grandparents, grandparents, grandparents, grandparents, grandparents and grandparents. The street was followed by a prediction during the night, during which Roger and Liana actually married, who started the legacy of the Tangi family through the family of the preparing family. Despite his aunt, in 6 episodes, his aunt was looted.
The future of the future may be influenced by the progressive romance between John and his aunt. We have seen some poor Moore like Friedricht, Croster and Return but for those who did not make them.


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