Thot: A complete story


Many new Rittant albums have been released recently, and one of his most popular songs has been published with “Call of Off”. Do not be his wife. Of course, what motivates the main question: what is the problem? Generally, respond to citizens. Warning: The topics we discuss will not be unusual if you do not go (which will be fully understood), come back now.
Are you ready we are going here According to the definition of urban dictionary, “age is a deduction”, often with “abundance”. However, another choice fee says that a little more about the word “thinking” is actually a mistake, which means “running” or “thirsty”.
As you’ve already guessed, the word is often used in an unusual and difficult way. They call rap artists and hip-hop artists as a dangerous term for women because they do not push a brain and do not want to completely dismiss it. Why do we react, because they use it, as they see, “they are just colored”, and their value is fully linked to their gender and their nationality.
It is possible that the data shows that you cannot confess to women, That is not necessary because they sleep (as a body and self-determination), inevitably you will fool (because It is clear that “women are unable to be sincere” Yes, this is very bad.
The word was born in Hip Hop and was included in various recent songs. Some of these include:

  • THOT” by The Game
  • “Can’t Trust Thots” by Wash
  • “Thot Walk”

Basically, a dealer walks runs, and yes, it seems stupid how to explain. Although “Lara” is not a word, it is especially used in a gender-specific way to help women in the attacks. Creations not only make sex but also its approach to ethnic and class effects that target poor women who are different from “baldness”. Generally, this is a very difficult word.
However, I will argue that as a word, a group of people or fake people is used, word “thinking” is a word that can be reproduced again. In its root, the thing is a sexually abusive person, usually, lead to coloring women. Therefore, the true colors of women who consider themselves thirsty are proud of their sexual activity and want to positively reject the positive aspect of the word.
When can this be used? Do not throw someone else because it’s sexy, racist or classic. But if you re-define yourself, because you’re in a keyword-targeted group, you’ll be more powerful.


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