THOT Explained with types


If you ever been on internet for chat or to spend your leisure scrolling images and reading comments than you must have gone through the word THOT. This creature is particularly found on Instagram and Snapchat and generally on all the social media apps and sites.
This is the acronym for “that hoe over there” and “thirsty hoes out there”. Many people associate with when they see a slut, whore or even a tramp. But we are here to explain it to its deepest level.
There are various types of THOT and you will easily recognize them if you read this to the end. So, spare three minutes and here you go.
The first type of THOT is very common and we believe you may find it with little or no effort. This is the THOT outside the bar, sloppy drunk on the floor. They are messy and somewhat ashamed as well.
The other one is Gym THOT. Do they are here to work? The world and entire gym may never know the answer. Despite their high fashioned dressing, nice pair of shoes and expensive accessories they never looked sweating as they are here to be the THOT only.
Moving on to the next category that is the come up THOT, This is the ultimate honor for perspective THOT. Beware, this the type with the high potential to take your MAN because they start from the top and remain to the end. You better understand!
Now THOT is not the term or acronym associated to females only. There are male THOT too and they the representatives of above on all budget. No cash and a lot of flash.
The bar tender THOT is the next big thing you may notice in the bar after striper. She may not be the stripper but with her hot clothing her is the only flaunting her assets and catching the attention.
Last one is the most famous one, the instagrma THOT. With hot pics of her jeans on her fake butts, this THOT can very easily be identified.
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